For the past years and even today,KCA university has been hosting a cultural week at the university to help promote cultural interaction among the students.This has been done by using various means including,having the Mr and the Miss of the university as selected to be the best among the university students’ models.The models do practice daily,not only for them to have the position at KCA university but also for them to gain expirience and be able to contest in other fields outside the University.

2019/2020 contestants for Mr and Miss KCA title

Among the models,the contestants are selected and then they practice seriously with some dramas as part of the session.At times they have trainers to ensure perfection.The dramas are mostly educative and have aims,for example,this year,they were aiming at stopping xenophobia,drug abuse and rape cases among the youths today.They even show some of the effects of such behaviours.

The selection of these title holders usually happens at the end of the university’s cultural week the last day’s night.For instance,this year it happened on Friday,27th September2019.It mostly runs from 6:00p.m till the crack of dawn.

Various things are considered by the judges for one to have the title or rather, to be crowned.The models make some pauses before both the judges and the audiences.After the session is done,all the models are summoned and then the best six ladies and best six men are mentioned and they remain on stage as the rest leave.Among these selected,they are asked some questions prepared by the judges after picking out a random paper with a question number. They then give their answers.

2019 top twelve contestants giving answers.

The judges then rise up to the stage to give the final results.They begin with the second runners up from both sides,first runners up from both sides-male and female-and then the ones to be crowned,that is,the Mr and the Miss KCA.
As stated by one of the models by the name Seraphine Okeyo Akoth,it is believed that the judges are usually very fair and don’t carry out any form of corruption.They are always fair and trustworthy.

Seraphine Okeyo Akoth.

The second runners up are usually awarded with fifteen thousand each,the first runners up with thirty thousand each and then the Mr and the Miss Fifty thousand each.This year,they have introduced the rule of going to Mombasa with a fully paid trip,for both the Mr and the Miss of the university and all the expenses covered for at least three days.
These are not only the presents,various companies also give awards to the contestants and the winners.Examples are;Safaricom company,Sistar company Cocacola company and also some prominent people among others.Some students also award them.
During the show,various celebrities are invited to come to entertain.This usually varies each year.Models from various fields and universities also present and even lecturers.The civilians are also present but their entrance is on payment of a certain amount of money.
There are various improvements that have taken place in the modeling field at KCA University-this is as stated by both the former Miss and Mr KCA 2018,that Mr Brian Otieno and Miss Faith Imani and seconded byModel Seraphine Okeyo Akoth -for example,the 2017 Mr KCA University formed the Impact Fashion Club that gives the models enough platforms and the 2018 Miss KCA University introduced the Impact Fashion Wednesday’s Trainings on catwalk,etiquette and fitness and this has really helped the models to improve by correcting their imperfections.The club’s mantra is;
Enjoy the moment as a model,learn from it’s cause and the experience will change your life.And whether you win or not,be greatful and work with the crowned because,sometimes it doesn’t matter who did it best,but how better can we do it together?”

Miss KCA 2018
Mr and Miss KCA 2018/2019

They have also brought in more than six crowns to the university this year most of them are those who are going to represent Kenyain other countries.Further more,they have been able to give back to the society by involving themselves in some charity works such as:visiting various children’s homes-painting,feeding the children among others-,cleaning roads,visiting the sick and the elderly,offering guidence and counseling to other people,planting of trees,training students at schools on how to model among others.
Most of the models stated that their aims in the modeling filed is mostly to fill a certain gap in the society,most of it was the gap between the normal people and the underprivileged in the societyand spread love,peace and unity among people at large .Most of the models are not only pageants but also of high fashion,freelance, commercial and editorial modeling.
This year’s, 2019,Mr and Miss KCA have great plans and are aiming at bringing in various changes that is,at the university,the modeling field and also in the society as they said-Mr Habib Mohammed and Miss Kendi Edna.

2019/2020 Miss KCA being crowned by 2018/2019 Miss KCA
The current Mr and Miss KCA 2019/2020

Miss Kendi Edna furthermore stated that she was aiming at encouraging and bringing in more new things in the modeling field and add more participants as she has much experience and having various crowns.
The modeling field has various grievances that they really want the University Administration to hearken to them and respond effectively. These include;
1.Additional titles during the Mr and the Miss KCA event for example;Miss plus size,Mr flex,Mr and Miss popularity,Mr or Miss people’s choice/personality among others.
2.Payment of the contestants/participants
3.Daily monthly salary to the Mr and the Miss just like in other fields/institutions or rather,their fee be paid half way each semester.
4.Payment of the graduation fee for the protocol team among others.
As affirmed by various models,the modeling industry of KCA University has greatly improved and they are looking forward to bringing out the best models ever,not only at the university but also world wide.They are optimistic and really appreciate the administration for their help by participating in various good acts like,helping in photography, videos,supply of both tents and chairs and provision of labour and also ensuring availability of enough security all through.


For the past few years,women have been looked down upon.They were considered weak and kept away from the mainstream of the society.Their presence was never appreciated.Time has moved and women have now risen up,they have decided that being taken for granted is enough.It’s now a high time that women value themselves and find happiness as they are responsible for their own happiness.

Women have decided to treat themselves as independent women.Independence doesn’t mean you don’t need other people’s help but rather,it means having the courage to pave your own path.Life and success often requires a level of independence. A willingness to break away from the pack,prioritize your freedom and find your own way.Ability to find happiness on your own and having self-confidence without having to rely on anybody or society for validation.

The following are some of the pretty awesome powers and deeds of strong independent women,that most women should learn and take note as it will benefit them if they act in the same manner;

1.They don’t neglect their careers-These women don’t allow any internal or external forces to disrupt their visions and missions in life.They always strive hard to achieve their goals in life and always heed to what they want.No matter how financially stable they are or not,they don’t dump their dream careers.When they begin,they never stop until they have achieved what they want.

2.They say NO to negative influences-Independent ladies always take note of the bad company,bad behaviors and embarrassing acts and escape before it gets too late.They don’t entertain bad company around them and always stand by their principles.They warn the people around them of the bad behaviors.This is because they truly respect themselves.

3.They always put themselves as the first priority-These ladies always value themselves and anything good that comes their way,they always find the best for themselves then the rest.They don’t care how negative people think of them.

4.They always address disrespectful and offensive comments-They do this,not only when this is done to them,but also when it’s done to other people.They are always straight forward and fight for their rights and others rights.They neither allow other people to look down upon others nor abuse or mistreat them while they are watching no matter what happens.They are loving and are ever ready to defend when it’s necessary.

5.They always have realistic expectations-They set targets that they know it’s possible for them to achieve or attain and are always ready to work towards them.They never give up.

6.They don’t let other people affect their confidence-No matter how they are discouraged,they still have some self-confidence in themselves.The believe they can and will make it.They may take some peoples words seriously but never allow such words to lower their dignity.

7.Independent ladies don’t rise to the bait of haters-They always take note of every action and intentions of people as they are careful not to fall into their enemies traps.They just cut off themselves from such people as they know that even their friends are capable of harming them and so they don’t trust them full.

8.They don’t compare themselves with other women- Independent women always believe that they are different.They believe that not because other women are weak or co-indepent means that they should also be like them.They try as much as possible to be themselves and live in their own circle by not desiring other people’s lives and struggling to be like them.

9.Independent women stand up for themselves- These ladies are never convinced easily especially when they know they are right.They won’t give up even when they know that nobody is on their side but rather remain as one and stands on her point.

10.Independent women don’t stop learning as they know the worth of acquiring new skills in their day to day lives.

11.Independent ladies embrace the uniqueness of themselves and others as they believe that everyone is unique in some way and ought to be appreciated and give them some courage by advising them to keep it up in something good they have done.

12.They don’t over react on bad situations or mistakes.

13.Independent ladies don’t fail to handle their own situations-They don’t ignore the problems affecting them.They always strive to find a solution to them as they know that they are the source of their own happiness and wouldn’t want to live a stressful life.

14.They don’t neglect their physical needs as they really value themselves.

15.Independent ladies always encourage other fellow ladies on how to live a decent sweet life and the goodness that comes with being independent as they are concerned and always wish that all women should open their eyes and live a stress free life.

16.Independent women have set up their boundaries-They know what they should do and to what extent and what they shouldn’t do.They don’t always aim at pleasing anybody but rather themselves by ensuring they are happy.

17.Independent women have financial freedom and don’t depend on a man’s money.They work to their best just to have their own money.

18.Independent women always respect themselves.

Independent women believe mainly on this;

Life as an independent lady is awesome.You just don’t have to depend on anybody but yourself. You’re just free to make decisions and enjoy life on your own.Apart from the above points,there are other things that independent ladies do and you can mention them.Ladies should take note of all these and be able to live a good life.Women should free themselves from inferiority to superiority.They should live a life that they will not regret in future.


Today,Kenyans are held captive as slaves.They are taken away by employment agents and sent to the fangs of modern-day slavery in other countries such as Iraq.

Male and female Kenyans are auctioned and bought like commodities to work and toll in hardship conditions.The increased cost of living,high levels of unemployment and poverty are leaving many vulnerable to the modern-day slavery.This mostly happens to those living at the cost and at the city.

Employment agents are taking innocent ( both literate and illiiterate) Kenyans.These agents promise them of the very good jobs with well paying amounts of money available out there.Desperate and jobless Kenyans trying to fight their poverty-trying to put food on table,pay school fees and deal their day to day struggles fall into their traps.They are taken away full of good expectations only to be shocked on arrival.Upon landing,whether very literate or not,they loose all the rights they had as free Kenyans and thus that marks the beginning of hardships.All the promises they had been given are in vain.They are left helpless.Their skills are all taken for granted.

Both men and women are tortured, overworked,beaten, jailed, starved.They are treated heartlessly.Their physical,social and health conditions are not taken care of.Some women suffer too much and even bleed profusely from their private parts but they are ignored and not even taken to hospital.They are all considered to be pretentious and accused to be lazy and not wanting to work.Therefore,when one gets too sick,whether male or female,they are taken back to the agents when their conditions have deteriorated too much and are then re-assigned other jobs which are just like the previous ones or even worse.They cry in vain.The employers claim that they have paid hefty sums for them and,therefore,they have to work and toll hard.A few people or even one of the slaves are taken to work in huge buildings and carry out heavy duties.They are raped. Some women are impregnated and chased away by their employers.

Kenyans among other people taken as slaves lack enough security.Their things are stolen and are denied some rights like any other normal citizen. Their lives are endangered.There are various deeds done to them that really hurt. They are not considered to be humans with feelings and with the ability to be get annoyed or get sick among others.

Nekesa, a Kenyan on arrival back,after the ministry of foreign affairs had helped her back upon her family reporting her case and problems on all the evils done to them out there and the kinds of “so called jobs” they did.She talked of all the pains she and her fellows underwent and advised fellow Kenyans to take note of the kinds of jobs they are going to do before travelling.She also said that Kenyans should be very sure and have investigated where they are being taken to before departure because they can be taken elsewhere as like for her case.Nekesa was taken to Iraq instead of Qatar.She realised it too late.

Concerning all these, Kenyans should be very careful before taking up any job outside the country.They should inform and allow the ministry of foreign affairs to first investigate and approve the jobs that are claimed to be available out there before they go.Parents shouldn’t free their children to go and search for jobs out there without being assured and confirmed of the child’s safety and so does the child.

All these should be considered and,there fore, families should check on their members out there and ensure they are safe,if not,they should inform the ministry of foreign affairs in order for their lives to be saved thus to be deported back.

Modern-day slavery is real and Kenyans are becoming victims of it.The public must be cautious even as we call on the government to save Kenyans from such horrendous practices.


There is growing global resistance of immigrants. The reasons are myriad and vary from country to country. Different countries or people choose different ways to respond to the problem of immigrants. They range from lawful to the outrightly criminal.

The common reasons/causes for xenophobia include;loss of jobs and business opportunities to foreigners, terrorism, fear of loss of cultural and religious identity, racism,nepotism, fear of economic deterioration by the poor immigrants among other prejudices. In every place or country immigrants come with their own baggage, a burden which tends to be borne by the underprivileged in the society.

Most of the countries who have experienced xenophobia,example South Africa, the locals have accused foreigners of unfairly competing with them in running retail businesses which they say foreigners should not own.The locals complain of insecurities and that the foreigners are not respecting the local laws.

The above causes of xenophobia should be taken heed of and be avoided or dealt with at all cost to avoid or stop xenophobia. Xenophobia brings about negative effects.They include;loss of lives,insecurities, poverty,destruction of business, separation of families among other social and economic problems. Countries carrying out xenophobia undergo a lot of loss.Example,foreign doctors are chased away leaving the sick locals behind who suffer and some die since there are no doctors to help them,businesses owned by foreigners are destroyed which is of great loss to the country as the people and the government lack capital to start up businesses.The government also looses income gained through taxes.Inflation becomes a problem to the country. People who had been employed by foreigners loose jobs.Therefore,xenophobia breeds about poverty to a country.

We should say NO to xenophobia. We should all learn to accept and appreciate one another and live together in unity as one people.As the saying goes,prevention is better than cure,therefore,people carrying out or planning to carry out xenophobia should be discouraged and even arrested or punishment. Likewise to the immigrants, they should respect the laws and policies of the local country and also respect both social and religious cultures.They should avoid racism among other forms of corruption and so does the locals.

Help build a country by saying NO TO XENOPHOBIA. Let’s live together as one people for we are all humans.Let love,care,peace,care and unity prevail and let everything be done fairly and evenly.STOP XENOPHOBIA.

Causes of university strikes

Students unrest has become a major problem facing some countries today.Students demonstrate or rather,demand for their rights publicly and unitedly. They try to demand for attention and be helped by having their issues addressed.The following are some of the causes of university strikes;

1.Issues raised by the Students Association and unaddressed by the University management-This has therefore made the students demonstrate in order to gain attention as they assume that they are being ignored.This normally happens when their main problem continues affecting them without being dealt with.

2.Peer pressure-Students find it good to be seen demonstrating like the other university students.They do this, not because they have some issues unaddressed,but,rather,they raise up issues all over sudden and start demonstrating because they want to be seen demanding for their rights.The other universities on strike too try to put pressure on the calm universities to strike like them by feeding them with false expectations.

3.Pride-Because of this,students strike as they want to be seen as superior or rather feel superior.They want to trend,be recognized and feel special in some way.As per the digital youth trends,they believe that being rude makes you a star.They call themselves “gang stars” and believe that they will earn themselves some “gang star points”and be the leading university of which it is wrong.

4.Harsh school rules-These are mostly based on punishments given to students,dressing codes,the way they are treated by the security officers among other restrictions. This creates bitterness between the school management and the students thus causing strikes. They believe that man is to error,hence,when they do a mistake unknowingly or unexpectedly they should be left out.

5.Students mistreatment-This is mostly by the lecturers who tend to deny the students their marks accordingly and also some lecturers conditioning students for them to have their marks.Example,Male lecturers demand for sex from the female students for them to have their exact marks or more marks.

6.Fee payment rule-This problem is the major one affecting most of the universities. The universities’ managements have brought about the rule of fee clearing before a certain date and some interest added on the fee when not paid fully.This has put much pressure on the students as they cannot access classes due to fee problem and added amounts on it. Likewise to those in class,they are not happy to see their fellows out of class.This creates much bitterness in the students thus university strikes.

7.Insecurity-This is mostly created by tensions of attacks,threats to be killed,accidents among others.This happens where some students become terrorists and keep threatening the students of attacks,fellow students killing each other because of love issues and other students dying in road accidents mostly.This creates tension thus students strike with an aim of demanding enough security and be given a secure environment of learning.

8.Drugs and substance abuse-This has made most students to lack their identity,position,forget their dreams and thus become idlers.As they use drugs, they feel discouraged with learning and therefore, they find that the only solution to be free,is to strike so that they may be released from the campus as the learning would have been suspended.

9.Too strict university staff and the management too-This makes the students to suffer in silence as their pleads cannot be hearken to due to the strict staff.They are not open to issue out their problems as they fear of what might happen to them.When this becomes too much for them,they find that the only solution is to strike,that is airing them out publicly and together as one so that none of them will be blamed.

10.Lack of enough learning materials-These include the stationery,classes and practicals.This makes the students feel low as they know that they are competing with other universities and wouldn’t like to be left out as to have failed.This makes them demand for these thus strikes.

Above were some of the major causes of university strikes, you can mention others through your comments and help identify all these problems at the universities and address them as early as possible before they get out of hand.Prevention is better than cure.Strikes have adverse negative effects and few positive. The negative are always many.

Lessons learnt too late in life

You and I wouldn’t want to regret the long lived life without establishing any desired achievements.It feels so bad knowing that you had all that time but didn’t use it appropriately because we didn’t plan and persist.

. Time fleets and moments pass,each day comes with new things,either good or bad based on the things you do and the decisions you make.Below are a few tips you should take heed of to avoid regrets and live to your very best knowing that you made it;

  • Everything is temporaryYou,the people around you,family,relationship, wealth,your good deeds etc,they are all temporary and once they go,some never come back and if they come back they are not bound to stay forever.Appreciate each and everything that you have for the time being. You can never tell when they will be no more.Love yourself and your loved ones knowing that you are temporary just as they are.
  • Life isn’t fairAt times,what you really expect doesn’t happen the way you wished.The person you love most ends up loving another one and gets married leaving you undecided.The kind of qualifications you have enough to get you a job end up being unhelpful in your life.The kind of life you desire the most becomes the hardest to live or even to get. You end up questioning yourself about all these,but,just keep in mind that what you expect most,at times,happens in the least expected manner,which is unfair but, rather, you just have to accept the fact that life isn’t fair and move on.
  • Family matters more than friends – Most friends will always be there with you during happy times and just a few will be there during hard times.Relatives,parents and siblings will always be with you during the hard times and are always willing to cross oceans and take risks for you.They will always celebrate you during good times and will encourage you when you feel so low,unlike friends who will most of the time get jealous of your success.
  • Others treat you the way you treat yourself,not them-The way you present,treat,talk,dress and even eat will make them judge you from that perspective and treat you the same way.You should set your standards and principles high.Treat yourself with respect.All these will be done in return to you.
  • The sacrifices you make today will make dividends in future-The future lies in your hands.As they say,the warmer the bed,the cooler the future. Struggle when young and energetic then stay comfortable in future.
  • Sacrificing your health for wealth or success isn’t worth it-Better is a happy poor life than a rich,sad and full of struggles life.Health is more precious more than anything else in this world.
  • Fear of embarrassment or criticism stopped you from being who you want to be-The kind of life you live with the aim of pleasing others and running from the minor jobs or works that would have helped to lift you higher is a destiny destroyer.Remember,never despise small beginnings, becaus,they really matter a lot,and they could be the pillars to support your destiny.Live a life that you won’t regret to have pleased the people around you and the time wasted running away from embarrassment or criticism.
  • Things don’t matter that much-You might think that material things mean life but when you will have all of them it is when you realize that some have got no meaning in life.Don’t struggle too much that you end up hurting yourself just with an aim of having some material things and be like others.It’s life,you never know what it breeds.
  • Even the longest night was followed by a morning-No matter how hard the situation is,bad times are never permanent
  • .You might be sad today but you will never be the same forever. Time changes.Time heals all wounds.Never let your current situation or problem discourage you from moving forward and attaining your targets. Just know that it will never be the same forever.
  • Happiness is a choice and it requires a lot of hard work-You will always reap what you sow because you are the source.You will never sit,doing nothing,and still expect to be rich and happy.Never expect success where you didn’t strive for it. You should always do what you think it will make you happy whether now or in the future.Your happiness comes from your choices and decisions.
  • Everyone is really out for themselves-Just as you feel that you are special in a certain way,so does everyone think of themselves too to be.Just as you feel that you are perfect in a certain field so does someone else thinks of himself/herself .Take everyone to be special not judging by the look,condition,tribe,class etc.
  • Beneath anger there is always fear-Fear is the path to the dark side.Fear creates anger,anger creates hate,hate creates suffering. Anger breeds nothing good.Life spent on anger is full of pain.Life is too short to spend on a grudge. Forgiveness and love is the best key in life.
  • A lifetime isn’t long- procrastination is the thief of time.Never say “I will do” but rather do it now.You become a kid once,a youth once,parent once and grandparent once.You will never get back to do what you wish you had done at a certain stage behind you but you will be full of regrets.Enjoy life to the best that you can because you never know when it will end.Do the necessary.
  • You played it too safe-Live a life that when you look back at it,you will appreciate your efforts and proudly say “I played it too safe.”